Thursday, 8 January 2009

Homeward Bound

I was just going to be like, "I'm on the bus back to Oxford!" but then I was like, yikes, this blog is turning into Twitter lite. So here are some fun details:
- The pilot was like, 'it's insanely cold today' and I stepped out of Terminal 5 and laughed. I was like, the inside of my nose hasn't frozen yet, this is child's play. And this is why it's good to check in with North Dakota every winter.
- I'm eating a sugarless cookie from a bakery in Brooklyn that does not taste remotely like a cookie, but is still strangely good.
- Like every time I return from the US, I've scrapped my five year plan and I'm at a level of emotional volatility that is usually associated with the third trimester of pregnancy.
- I'm totally going to curl up in bed and hibernate with indie movies as soon as I get back to Oxford, hopefully thwarting time zones and falling asleep before 5 or 6 in the morning. I just bought a bootleg copy of Snow Angels and British Airways promised that I could see the Savages before only letting me watch some terrible movie where Shia LeBoeuf was being harassed by robots, sort of like Transformers except a) it had more paranoia and totalitarian undertones and b) it had fewer fire trucks who suddenly turned into gigantic monsters. So basically, less awesome.

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