Thursday, 18 February 2010

Life and Other Zero-Sum Games

I got a call from Lee when I was finishing dinner and writing up notes from today, saying that he was stuck at work and asking if I could go over to his place and walk Tabitha so she didn't wet the floor or get a urinary tract infection or explode in a burst of white fur and bile. I said yes, figuring that I could bring my work with me and go to Amy's Bread afterwards to grab some coffee and work on editing this chapter. With that thought in mind, I spent the whole walk over romanticizing advocacy work, and thinking about how lucky I am to have a job where I'm usually back in my apartment in time to shout abuse at Jeopardy contestants and plod through the work for my dissertation.

I began to rethink this about forty-five minutes later, when I realized that I had a dollar in my wallet and a dozen loose coins at the bottom of my messenger bag, and had to dig through the dish of coins by Lee's bedside to exchange nickels and dimes for quarters so that I could get a small coffee without having to pay for the whole thing with a fistful of nickels.

Upon reflection, I think we both made the right choice in a lot of ways.

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