Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Working 5 to 9. Frown!

Blurg, today was a twelve hour work day. I decided to do activism and not i-banking to avoid these kinds of hours. (Also, because I am very bad at math, and because I cannot be in a long sleeved shirt and tie for more than eight hours without unbuttoning it down to the cleavage and rolling up the sleeves as though I am involved in some kind of bourgeois form of manual labor. Starting a bootleg winery on the roof of my building, perhaps.)

It helped that I ducked out of the office for an hour to grab coffee with a colleague in Park Slope, and fantasized about how someday I will live in Park Slope and probably start a bootleg winery on the roof of my building. I ate a giant cookie and had two cups of coffee, which meant that a) I got a second wind when I returned to work from 5 to 9, and b) I was so jazzed on caffeine and simple carbohydrates that I kind of felt like I might throw up.

As if that weren't enough, I got home and found out that when our superintendent came up and said that he was going to put cocaine around our apartment to keep out any bugs, he actually said he was going to put caulking around our apartment. That was moderately disappointing.

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