Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Snow Day!

I got to work from home after 4pm today because of the "blizzard," and remembered what I miss most about being a student. (Like the Canadian who sits next to me, I'm using the term "blizzard" very sarcastically. It is basically drizzling here, but fluffier.) The last couple of weeks have been among the most high-intensity weeks of my life, and having this whole evening to myself reminds me of the days when my to-do list featured items like "wake up" and "soup o'clock." Luckily, the panel that I was organizing on Monday fell just between the Snowpocalypse in DC and the "blizzard" (read: hysteria over mild rain) in New York, so everyone was able to make it to the panel and it went off without a hitch. This is the first hitchless thing that has happened to me in the 2010 calendar year.

Regrettably, this may be the last time I ever have free time, as we apparently still have bedbugs in the building and our superintendent has decided to approach the situation by killing everyone and letting God sort us out. While we were at work, he appears to have a) repaired some cracks in the baseboards and b) liberally coated every flat surface in the apartment with poison. While I enjoy having a night in with nothing better to do than grill some fish and watch the ABC Wednesday lineup, I'm slightly concerned that it is not good to be doing these activities in a cloud of insecticide, especially when I may or may not have health insurance. As a gay man, this is probably the first time that overexposure to DDT has been at the top of my list of most threatening public health crises from the 1980s.

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