Thursday, 27 May 2010


I'm going back to Harvard for Commencement tomorrow, mostly because I feel obligated to go to the HGLC's annual dinner but also because I want to drag David along to show off the place where I spent very formative years of my life. (It'll be a little different because I'll be drinking wine in the dining hall instead of staring at a blinking cursor and eating stale bagels at 4am, but I'll take what I can get.)

I realized that it's now been three full years since I graduated, which was also the last time I went to the HGLC's dinner in Lowell. I was thinking about how much I've matured since then, and how I think I'm more self-aware and self-assured, and how I think I have a kind of direction in my life that I can be proud of, and how excited I am about moving to the UK with David next year, and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

And then I promptly walked into a door with a cup of coffee in my hand and spilled it down the front of my shirt, which would not have been so bad except I also spilled Thai on myself at dinner. I have very fond memories of packing up my room in the twilight hours after the HGLC dinner three years ago, and somehow, I'm currently sitting in my room finishing up my notes from the day, buying tickets, and packing before my bus leaves in a few hours. I think humility is an important part of maturity.

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