Monday, 24 May 2010

Return to Blogging!

I think I might start blogging again, and weirdly, it's because I feel like Facebook's new settings are cramping my style and I can't express feelings on Twitter. (It's still up for debate whether it's healthy for me to use technology as a way to express feelings at all, but there you go.) I think blogging might actually be healthier; I don't have the same expectation that everyone will read it, and I can freestyle a little better. I will think of it as Infinity Twitter.

This is objectively the worst time to start blogging again, as I'm supposed to go talk to a high school tomorrow (what?) and then a queer alumni dinner at Harvard weekend (yay!) and a ton of work during my last week of gainful employment (frown!). But I have a feeling this will be a useful outlet when I'm in over my head and need to yell things into the ether. (It's pretty reliably when I do my best writing, so here's hoping I pull through again.)

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