Sunday, 30 May 2010

Our Slow Ascent to Fame

Lately, Brady's been assembling motley teams of theoretically intelligent people for trivia at Mercury Bar, where we've reliably come in toward the bottom of the pack but occasionally win for best team name. (Nobody understood "Elena Kagan's Ex-Boyfriends," although Brady has won for "Deport Justin Bieber" and tonight's winner of a round of free shots, "What Willis Was Talkin' 'Bout.")

Tonight, Brady, Emma, David and I totally took sixth place of fourteen teams, despite the fact that we were badly lacking in the categories of a) sports and b) team members who know about anything prior to 1984. We're steadily climbing up the ranks every week, so I think we're going to go back in June with our sporty friends and someone over the age of 25. (If you are 40 and I ask you what you're doing next month, please don't be offended if I promise to buy you sangria in exchange for information about Three's Company and the USSR.)

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