Thursday, 19 June 2008

Hi, My Name is Ryan, And...

"I think I'm going to make a cup of coffee - do you want any?"
"I don't think I have any coffee."
"...Oh, okay."
"But we can pick some up tomorrow, if you want."
"Yeah, that'd be great."
"Hey, Rachel?"
"How far away is the nearest supermarket?"
"Probably about ten minutes?"
"I'll be right back."

And this is how, around 9pm last night, I wandered into Tubingen to get a jar of coffee, some artificial sweetener, and apples and bananas. The grocery store was like a German Wal-Mart, which was sort of overwhelming, but it was totally worth it. I went home, had a cup of coffee and finished Peter Swirski's excellent 'From Lowbrow to Nobrow,' and promptly fell asleep, because a) caffeine does nothing for me anymore, and b) I'd been awake for about forty-eight hours, which mostly included travel by planes, trains, and automobiles, shopping for shoes in Stuttgart, and getting so deep into conversation with Rachel that we missed the end of the line on the subway and were trapped on the car for fifteen minutes. It was hella fun (I got a new pair of Rocket Dog sandals, and had kebab that didn't make me immediately sick!), but that apparently doesn't mean I can go without soft drugs.

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