Sunday, 29 June 2008

In Which Hell Freezes

As of this morning, I'm a sports writer! Most of the commenters seem to hate me, so if anyone feels like backing me up, I would love you.


Pete said...

Impressive. The comments are particularly hilarious. "What could be worse than shagging a woman who talks about football all the time?"

How's life?

Amelia said...

I love your article!!

Also, the comments I saw there just looked non-germane. Maybe I didn't see the negatives?

biologic768 said...

Interesting article. Considering my major is sport-related, this last spring I did a research paper on hooliganism in England and found the majority of the die-hard, fight-til-the-death fans are male. Men are viewed as being more aggressive than women, so it's probably more socially acceptable for them to be yelling at a soccer match than it would be for a woman. Women may be fans, but I do think that more men are absorbed by the culture that surrounds sport. Just my thought.