Thursday, 12 June 2008

You Scratch My Back, I'll Stop Skipping Birthday Parties and Earning Hell Credits

It's the boat party tonight, and it's been pretending like it's about to rain all day. I spent the first part of the afternoon getting a salad box with Abby at Alpha Bar in the Covered Market (which is as close as one gets to looking into the face of God at Oxford), then the second part of the afternoon making improbable bargains with God about postponing the rain until tomorrow. They already took the milkshakes off the program because apparently it costs like $500 to bring a milkshake freezer on a boat, but now I'm worried that it'll rain. The thing that sucks about rain at a boat party is precisely what generally sucks about a boat party - when things go south, you can't leave. And since I also can't drown my sorrows in processed dairy products, I've been promising God that I'll do something nice if I make it through the evening without getting wet. Like, I'll try not to push people overboard when I get tired of them, which is something I usually only forego during Lent.

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