Monday, 9 June 2008

The Worst Problem I've Ever Had in My Entire Life

So I'm just about to head off to a garden party fundraiser for the Rhodes Scholars' Southern African Forum, which is being catered by the Mission Mexican Grill. (The Mission is a carbon copy of Chipotle supposedly started by a Brit who went to California and fell in love with their burritos. They're basically the exact same - and in the US, I'm not entirely sure how this imitation-cum-flattery would fare in, say, an intellectual property lawsuit - but the important thing is that it is magical. Also, why is a garden party being catered with burritos? Unclear, but I'm not complaining.)

And right afterwards, we have our end-of-the-term dinner for the MCR committee at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, where I get a delicious hamburger for being in charge of the gays all year. Unfortunately, these are like back-to-back events, and I'm worried that I'll die if I do a back-to-back burrito and hamburger. This is like the hardest choice ever. And yesterday, I embarrassed myself when the MCR president was about to tell me what was on the menu for the boat party on Thursday and I was like, "if you say 'burritos' and solve this dilemma, I will kiss you on the mouth." She looked startled, and I was like, Ryan, why would you say that? Anyway, I think it's pizza. Meh.

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A said...

While I see what you're saying about the catering of a garden party, I think a better question is, "why is the Rhodes Scholar Southern African Forum garden party fundraiser being catered with burritos?"