Thursday, 5 June 2008

Highlights from Exam #4

- The lowlight of the day is that I realized that I don't just need to score a 50 to go onto the MPhil, I need to score a 60. That's sort of stressful, but it's probably better that I sailed through blissfully unaware of that fact. Eep.

- I celebrated by splitting a Cookie Monster at G&D's with Kim, then going out for drinks at the Turf with Team Anthro. Incidentally, these would be the first drinks I've had for about a month. (I've been told that if I get sick tonight, nobody from my hallway will clean up ice cream, cookie, and wine vomit. I'm going to be grappling with the whole post-exam, post-partum thing for a while, but it feels good to have my life back.)

- I think today's exam might have been my worst, but that's what everybody said. Everyone except the guy at the bar who showed me a list of examples that he cited for every question, and then said, 'I bet you didn't cite this many examples, Mr. Harvard Rhodes Scholar.' And I was like, really? You want to do this now? Instead, I just shook my head ruefully. I didn't add that I'd rather fail my exams than be the kind of person who shows that off at a bar to make other people feel bad about themselves.

- It's entirely plausible that that will actually happen.

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