Monday, 2 June 2008

Highlights from Exam #1

- I look angelic in a white bow tie. I was almost late for my exam because I passed a reflective storefront on my way to the Exam Schools, and I was captivated by how precious I looked.

- Taking an exam in a suit actually kind of makes you feel like a rockstar, especially when they let you shed most of the suit, roll up your sleeves, and take your exam. I just thought, 'as the son of a mill worker, how would John Edwards tackle this exam?' I've gotta say, it's kind of exhilarating.

- About 45 minutes into the exam, I realized that I was recounting the entire history of anthropology beginning with WHR Rivers' thoughts on fieldwork in a Notes and Queries edition of 1913. So I inexplicably jumped ahead to the present day and talked about artificial insemination and chosen families instead. Whatever, most of the 1970s and 1980s are overrated.

- I got to the gender question and panicked. This was my gimme, and I totally froze. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for it to come up again, because usually I sneeze and an example of the social constructedness of gender comes out.

- They only let you pee once, so it was the most calculated, well-timed bathroom break of my life. I waited until my bladder was actually blocking the flow of blood to my brain and then went. It was almost artistic in its execution.

- The woman at Starbucks afterwards made my drink (tall skinny misto, best with two and a half packets of Sweet 'n' Low) before I ordered, and I realized that I've gone there way, way too much as I've been revising for this exam. I refuse to change my habits until Thursday, but then I might check into some sort of rehab.


savante said...

Tried a bowtie once. Wore it to work. Unfortunately walked by a church where a small ring bearer ran by. Could have sworn he had my tie on.

Bow tie's still in the box. :)

Rachel said...

" I've been revising for this exam."

You're turning british!