Thursday, 19 June 2008


Rachel and I just got back from the bar where we watched Germany sneak past Portugal in the EuroCup quarterfinals, and it was nuts. We leave for Zurich tomorrow, but since Switzerland is neutral (that's Switzerland for you), I can watch the game and just pick whichever side I feel like picking. (Realistically, that'll be whichever side everyone else in the bar is cheering for, to avoid being killed by a roomful of patriotic drunks at the end of the night.) I stopped talking after I realized that all of my comments had to do with one of the German players' skeezy platinum blonde dye job, the landscaping of the grass on the field, and the fact that the first goal of the evening was 'like an athletic ballet.' Some people are cut out for viewing sports, others are just cut out for rioting afterwards. I like to think I fall in the latter category.

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