Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Dr. Who!

R: "Lately, I've really gotten into Dr. Who."
D: "I've never seen it."
R: "It's science fiction, but in a sort of family-friendly way."
D: "You're not doing the best job of selling this."

Nobody believes me, but the penultimate episode is currently up on BBC iPlayer and it's hella amazing. I'm planning to pretend to hide in my room with the lights off to watch the finale on Friday. It's not just a useful trick on Halloween, but also for must-see TV that you're possibly ashamed to watch with others.


JoeJoe said...

Doctor Who is definitely a good show and nothing to be ashamed of. ;-)

I'm jealous that you get to watch it as it premieres - its about 3 episodes behind back here in the US and iPlayer doesn't work outside the UK.

Anyhoo said...

*reads the above, plots malevolent plan*
...and that bit where the Ood plug themselves into the Daleks was just...
*realises joejoe would have to check back several days later to find the spoiler and so the plan might be malevolent but not very effective*

Doctor Who is shushing television. It's what one silences other people to see. Those who admit to watching it do so gleefully, and those who don't probably do anyway or simply are very boring.