Saturday, 19 July 2008

Things I Should Have Done Two Months Ago

I just sent out desperate pleas to three guesthouses in Manila, which hopefully aren't full yet or I'll be living on the streets in t-minus ten days. I asked about long-term accommodation, because it'd be less than $500 per month to stay at any of them for the entirety of the trip. Still, those would be the super-budget singles with shared bathrooms and fans instead of air conditioning, and I'm going to reach a point (probably within the first 24 hours) when I'm going to have a panic attack and want air conditioning, peace and quiet, and maybe MTV in whatever global incarnation I can get it. Knowing this, the plan is to crash at a halfway decent place for the first week, then either suck it up and pay for one of their swankier rooms or hit the pavement and look for an apartment for two months. I'd kind of prefer the latter, but laziness might get the best of me. That, or homelessness, depending on these guesthouses.

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