Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Rain in Spain

It poured rain in London today, which meant that I was wet when I shuffled from the Philippine Embassy to the Imperial War Museum (so much further than it appears on the map!), stayed wet on the Tube when Maria and I grabbed coffee and cinnamon toast in Covent Garden and a drink with Drew et al., was solidly damp during dinner in Chinatown, and just dried off when I shucked my clothes and threw them in a corner. Ick. In one of the sadder, drippier moments of my epic walk to see the For Your Eyes Only exhibit, I passed the Old Vic and realized that I had completely forgotten to check on tickets to Pygmalion. Luckily, between a conference on Saturday and a quick trip on Tuesday to pick up my visa, I have to go back to London twice in less than a week. If it rains, though, I might just read about intersexuality and not go to the conference and maybe try to enter the Philippines without a visa. I'm full of good ideas.

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