Friday, 25 July 2008

Things That Scare Me

Also, I'm not entirely comfortable with the fact that approximately $2800 was transferred out of my British bank account on Tuesday, but has yet to appear in my American bank account. I don't like the idea of this money floating in space, especially after my misadventures with both of those banks in the past. In retrospect, I would probably have been better off withdrawing $2800 in cash, popping it in an unstamped envelope with "US Federal Government" scribbled on the front, and popping it in a mailbox.

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JoeJoe said...

Ah, that beautiful little piece of ether between nations banking systems where your dollars/pounds/euros/whatevers fly around until the receiving government decides that the money is not being laundered or used for terrorist activities. Gotta love it, and the fact that the money could take weeks to show up in the receiving account.

Hope your money ends up safe and sound in your account in the states!