Saturday, 26 July 2008

T Minus Two Days

We just had our farewell dance, and the students are starting to leave in, oh, three hours. Tomorrow, I get to take a single student to Heathrow, put her on a plane to Singapore, and then hustle back to Oxford. (I'm very, very tempted to give her five quid for her silence and send her there by herself, but I'll probably pull it together and make the trek.) The dance was actually a fantastic way to end the program. They held it in the chapel of the college where I'm teaching, and that means rocking out on the altar and using the pulpit for cage-dancing. The music was markedly better than any of the clubs I go to in Oxford, too, which was particularly impressive because I think it was just cobbled together from Sian's iTunes. (I did get low with the rest of the faculty, but then we noticed that the kids were whipping out cameras to document our misbehavior and we had to stop and get low by ourselves with respectable distances between us.)

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