Friday, 18 July 2008

The Starbucks Bloodbath

The list of over 600 Starbucks that are about to close across the US was released today, and with it, so was a flood of memories. Sweet, caffeinated, overpriced memories. Among the closing stores are:

- That one in Fargo that was the only one within walking distance of the house where I grew up, which I was unable to visit after a barista tracked me down on Facebook and suggested that we hang out sometime. I spent the entirety of a Christmas vacation sitting at Luna Coffee and watching it cautiously out of the corner of my eye. Also, it used to be a Pizza Hut where I have tons of memories circa ages five to twelve.
- The one by my office last summer in DC - which is the only one closing in the District - where I'd go grab coffee when Illy was under construction and I needed a scalding beverage to make my ninety degree walks to the post office seem cool by comparison. That is called science.
- None in Cambridge, as far as I can tell. That's the only thing that's keeping me from becoming convinced that I'm the Typhoid Mary of corporate America.

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Will said...

I know I'm supposed to hate Starbuck's for driving other establishments out of business and blanketing the market, but I love the place. When I'm in New York City for a weekend of performances, I can settle in for a couple of hours between a matinee and the evening with a book and that's just fine. I can also get in a little cruising, and that's even better. I hope too many more don't close.