Sunday, 8 February 2009


I spent last night at the launch party for Agendered, a new feminist blog and web magazine at Oxford, and it was awesome. Any event combining Queer Studies Circle, a lecture on feminist sociolinguistics, slam poetry, champagne, pyramids of Ferrero Rochers, blogging, my favorite people from Team Hertford, Team Rhodes, and Team QSC, and the overlooked highlights of the Britney Spears canon is obviously bound to be excellent. In related news, I read three pages last night, and will spend the next two days tweaking out about my presentation on Tuesday.

I'm blogging for Agendered (this week, about castration and lesbian separatism) and wrote a review of the L Word for the first issue of the magazine, and all of that is up and running. (I wrote the review in September and tweaked it just before Season 6 began, but HOW GOOD IS SEASON 6. SO GOOD.)

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