Friday, 13 February 2009

Epic Fail.

I'm so fragile right now, it's not even funny. I totally didn't write 1000 words yesterday, so I intended to write 2000 words today but only made it through my usual 1000 and in the meantime, my pile of books has expanded like the Blob so that it covers the floor and most of the flat surfaces in my room. I did emerge from staring at my computer screen long enough to go reheat a bunch of stir-fried lentils, vegetables, feta, and soy-based chicken this afternoon, and as I zoned out by the microwave a piece of pseudochicken exploded about a foot from my face and blew lentils all over the inside of the microwave and I ducked and almost started to cry.

And now I'm going to go to dinner, and I'm going to embarrass myself because when people are like, so, what's new with you, basically all I have to offer in return is, "I'm worried that my view of globalization is Eurocentric," and "I found out today that it takes about two minutes and fifteen seconds for soy-based chicken to detonate at 800 watts." And then people will politely nod and scoot down the benches and then an Awkward Radius will develop around me.


Tee said...

Aww. :(

I wouldn't mind talking about those things. Heh.

Natalie said...

Ryan, while that post was rather...unfortunate, I got a good laugh out of the part about the exploding soy chicken. Good luck!