Monday, 16 February 2009

Why Soup O'Clock is Like But Not Really Like the View

J: "I don't eat mushrooms because they're slimy."
M: "But they're not slimy."
J: "Fine, because they eat other things. I don't eat carnivores."
R: "Pigs are carnivores."
E: "I think pigs are omnivores."
J: "I don't want my food to be eating other animals."
E: "You just don't like scavengers."
R: "No vultures?"
M: "No Tyrannosaurus Rex?"
R: "No zombies?"
J: "No."
R: "...that seems fair."


abby.sugar said...

OMG. Almost as good as the sex dungeon, but not quite...or the squirting conversation...

And so you know, whenever I'm feeling down, I come read your wonder-full blog and my day gets so much better. :D xx

Anonymous said...

I stand by what I said. I really hate mushrooms!