Friday, 6 February 2009

The Winter of Our Content

So it turns out that I'm kind of a baby about the cold, which is embarrassing when you grew up on the tundra and you're supposed to have ice water running through your veins. Everyone was like, "yay, snowball fight!" and I was like, um, I'm going to need to go get mittens, and by "get mittens" I might actually mean "make coffee and snuggle with my space heater while watching old clips from Flight of the Conchords."

But I'm used to the sort of blizzards where cars spin off the road and visibility is zero and skin freezes in a matter of minutes, so I think I especially appreciate this kind of snow, where the beauty to inconvenience ratio is skewed in the beauty direction. And I was running to the gym and realized that I was going twice as fast as everyone and not falling over all the time, and I realized that growing up on a slab of permafrost for the first eighteen years of my life totally gave me the footing of a mountain goat. I'm kinda in my element right now.

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