Monday, 18 August 2008

Baguio and Sagada

I have so many good stories from this weekend! And good pictures! You can't recap a long weekend of solo adventuring in narrative form because it either ends up being half-hearted or exhaustively boring, so I'm going to put up my favorite pictures for the highlights.

I arrived in Baguio at 4:30am, caught a cab to the bus stop, and spent two hours there before taking off to Sagada. This is the bus stop, where I got a cup of coffee and a dense, melt-in-your-mouth slab of pineapple cake. I wanted to pick up another cup of coffee to go, so I went to a diner that was like the equivalent of Denny's. A fistfight almost broke out while I was there, which was fun. I was like, are you seriously holding your friend back? It's like a movie!! Only scarier, because nobody really had any idea what to do.
So these are the hanging coffins in Sagada, in Echo Valley. Ooo.
And this is the underground river, which I explored with my guide, Tony. It's when I first became totally caked in mud, which was a theme for the rest of the weekend.
And these are the coffins in Lumaging Cave, which I trekked to by myself...
...until I was like, "um, I'm alone in a subterranean cave with 500 dead bodies, and nobody knows where I'm at."

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julian. said...

Holy shit... Hanging coffins? That's gnarly. I love that picture of you, it's hilarious. Your eyes are sooo big!