Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Faster, Britney! Kill! Kill!


Today was mega-pleasant - I slept in, got an unexpected phone call from Marcel that basically made my day (by noon!), picked up some hella good lunch at Bistro Remedios that involved rice, something green and leafy, squash, and braised catfish, finished Different Rainbows and read a few chapters from Mapping Desire, hacked up a mango and read the paper, and then spent the evening in Makati, where I checked out that condo and hung out with Caroline, my possibly-roommate.

The downside to the condo is that the gym is what Caroline politely described as a 'prison gym,' meaning that it's just a couple of weight machines and a couple of men who looked like they could kill me. The upside is that it's actually on the outskirts of Makati, so the deck on the roof had a beautiful, sweeping panorama of the skyline, but across the street there were still a couple of carinderias where I got a plate of potatoes, carrots, and beef with rice and soup for $0.80.

So it'll be great if I can swing it, but it was worth visiting Makati regardless. If I can work around my research, I think I'm going to travel up north to the rice terraces and Sagawa, spend a weekend in Pawalan, and then hopefully do two day-trips to Cebu and (barring the implosion of the MoA and the elections that might set off another wave of separatist violence this week) Mindanao.

If there's one lesson I've taken to heart over the past few years, it's that one should strive to be at least as resilient as Britney Spears.

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