Saturday, 2 August 2008

Deus Ex Machina

I just asked the guy who owns my guesthouse if I could stay for two months, and got the go-ahead. It's not ethnographically ideal, but let's be honest - living in a studio by myself doesn't really lend itself to participant observation, either. And the place has WiFi and a kitchen and is well-established, unlike the anonymous landlady who I would have to pay with traveler's checks (that I sort of neglected to get before coming to Manila) who has been pretty crap at staying in touch with me thus far. I consider all these things to be huge advantages in favor of the guesthouse. (Also, it's $270 a month, which is pretty sweet.)

And then the owner mentioned this to a French girl sitting out on the patio, who pulled up a chair by my laptop and explained that her roommate is leaving and there's a spot open in their four person condo. It also has WiFi and a kitchen and identifiable owners, and I could skip the traveler's checks because it's so affordable that I could just take the rent out of an ATM and try to not get mugged for ten minutes. (To put it in perspective, a week at Oxford should cover a month in this place.) The downside is that it's in the swank neighborhood that's about twenty minutes from my field site, and I would actually be sharing a room with this girl (but in two single beds, like Ricky and Lucy except without any Little Ricky showing up midseries). And I'd probably get out more than I would if I lived alone, since I'm prone to hermitude sometimes.

Anyway, it buys me time. I think I'm going to scrap the two apartments and stay in the guesthouse, and if this condo works out, I'll move mid-month and still save money. Oh, the kindness of strangers.

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Jay said...

Hello...and Mabuhay.

I just returned the other day from a trip to Boracay and while blogging today saw you had moved here to Malate. I'm glad it seems you have found accommodations as I have only been to that area a half dozen times in my year + here. I don't even know anyone living there. Thus, my knowledge of the area is less than yours at this point!

All the best on your research. Do be careful. I'm sure you don't need me telling you that.

peace & love