Wednesday, 27 August 2008

No, Now

This sounds absurd, but I need to know how the Day After Tomorrow ends. SuperCat showed it on both ferries this afternoon (on the way to Tagbilaran and on the way back to Cebu) and both times, the trip was ten minutes shorter than the movie. I got to the tearful reunion, but it was unclear whether humanity survived or froze to death, and that seemed sort of important.

PS. Who shows a movie like the Day After Tomorrow on a ferry in the middle of a thunderstorm? I guess it's cinematically better than Hellboy, which we watched on the bus to Baguio, but the theme is sort of upsetting when you're reading about the Princess of the Stars sinking and nervously bouncing from wave to wave.

PS. Today, I saw the Chocolate Hills, rode on the back of a motorbike across Bohol, swooned over a tarsier, ate carabao stew, and made it back to Cebu. And all this, in approximately six hours in Bohol.

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English said...

Look on the upside Ryan, at least they weren't playing "Airplane" or "Lost" on your flight over there!