Sunday, 31 August 2008


So I got to Palawan and headed straight for the jeepneys going to Sabang. Mine broke down immediately, which meant that I had two hours to kill at the market before catching the last one out of the city.
Mmm, markets.
Sabang was beautiful, and sunset isn't the worst time of day to arrive.
How pretty is this beach? The answer is so pretty.
Here's where I stayed in a nipa hut on the beach, for about $5 a night. I had electricity from 6-10pm, and the mosquito net was included. That's a bargain.
Here's a banca, which I decided not to take and hiked through the rainforest instead. If I get Japanese B encephalitis, I do owe Nurse Jane an apology.
I took the Jungle Trail, which is basically marked by spots of orange paint on the trees. Once again, I'm reminded that I'm not what you might call a hardy individual, as I tripped and sweated and cursed my way through 5 kilometers of dense foliage.
Here's the underground river, and nobody warned me that it's full of thousands of bats and swallows who screech and flap around as you pass underneath them. If there were pigeons, I would have leapt out and swam like hell.
See this look? This is relief at having a helmet and not being attacked by bats.

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