Saturday, 9 August 2008

Mid-Year Resolutions

1. I will not crack jokes about Clay Aiken fathering a child.
2. I will not point out that the mother of that child is named Jaymes.
3. I will only point out that both Aiken and the author of this article seem to have a six year old's understanding of where babies come from. Hint: it can't happen by being friends with a girl. After reading this profoundly asexual story, I'm totally unsure whether they were ever romantically involved or whether Clay Aiken is just a prolific sperm donor.

UPDATE: Geez, you have no idea how many articles you have to manually flip through just to make sure that "sperm clay aiken" never ends up in your Google cache. Anyway, it turns out that People reported on this in May, and Aiken is the sperm donor and she's like 50 and they're planning on raising the child together. Since I've already promised my genes to any and all of my favorite lesbian friends, I'm going to go ahead and say that that's pretty cool. But grudgingly, because it's Clay Aiken.

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