Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Dozen Interviews vs. My Life

I like to think I'm pretty plucky about things like this, but when I got to the part where a busload of civilians were summarily executed as they begged for mercy, I reluctantly decided that I should probably cancel my trip to Mindanao at the end of August. I was still planning on going in spite of the scattered bombings this weekend, but between the roaming bands of rebels who are indiscriminately killing civilians, the militias that citizens themselves are forming, and the deployment of Filipino troops to take back the cities, it might be a bad idea to visit this stretch of cities at the moment.

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Asaf said...

I know I shouldn't make light of the situation, but that is an unfortunate acronym for a terrorist group trying to take itself seriously.

like the Friends Unitarian Church of Kensington...